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DR. JEAN-JACQUES NGOR SÈNE: I am an Associate Professor History and Cultural Studies at Chatham University. My professional fields are Africology, African History, World History, Conflict Transformation, Social & Cultural Anthropology, and Intercultural Communication. In my native Senegal (Economic Community of West African States, ECOWAS), I helped spearhead many community development initiatives with the regional bureaus of UNICEF, UNESCO, and the Archdiocese of Dakar in the late 1980s – early 1990s. I am namely author of "Mali: The Most Evocative Name in Occidental Africa," in The International Encyclopedia of Protest and Revolution, Blackwell; "The Politics of Religion in Black Africa" in The Rise of Religion-Based Political Movements […], Jakarta: Bandung Spirit Book Series; « L'Intercontinentale de la fin de la fin de l'histoire et les contours d'un Nouvel Humanisme antilibéral », [Council for the Development of Social Science in Africa –CODESRIA]; co-author/editor of L'Idéal panafricain contemporain: fondements historiques et perspectives futures/The Panafrican Ideal: Historical Foundations, Perspectives for the Future, Dakar: CODESRIA; "For Africans in World History: Extended Forms of Democratic Pluralism" in The Asian Review of World Histories, Boston, MA: Drill Publishers. Married to a female compatriot for three decades, we have raised two young Black Women in France, Senegambia, and the United (?) States. At the core, if any, I have matured up to this point into some (practicing Catholic) Afrocentrist teacher-scholar from a Muslim land who currently lives and works in a Jewish neighborhood in America… I HAVE EXPERIENCED RACISM ALL MY LIFE AND HAVE THE IMMODESTY (?) TO BELIEVE THAT i HAVE HAD THE GOOD FORTUNES TO FIND AVAILABLE TOOLS TO DEAL WITH IT APPROPRIATELY ENOUGH, AT EVERY STAGE. Freedom is not free!
    Citations privilégiées :
    Dans l'[Histoire] comme dans la Nature, la pourriture est le laboratoire de La Vie.
    (Karl Heinrich Marx, 1818 – 1883 CE.)
    Nous sommes la triste opacité de nos spectres futurs.
    (Stéphane « Étienne » Mallarmé, 1842 – 1898 CE.)
    Buur du mbokkë.
    (Birima Maxuréja Demba Xolé Faal, alias Koccë Barma, 1586 – 1655 CE.)
    L'Encre des [femmes et hommes] savants est plus précieuse que le sang des martyrs.
    Abū al-Qāsim Muḥammad ibn ʿAbd Allāh ibn ʿAbd al-Muṭṭalib ibn Hāshim, Paix et Salut sur Lui, 570 – 632 CE.)

Manager of Operations, Nine Roads institute, Inc.

PAIGE COUNIHAN is a senior at Chatham University pursuing a degree in data analytics. She is also starting an accelerated master's program in Information Security Policy and Management at Carnegie Mellon University. Paige is passionate about serving her community and helping others. In her hometown of Houston, PA she has been involved in Family Promise Organization, Relay for Life, and the Saint Vincent de Paul Society. In her free time Paige enjoys playing volleyball and helping at her local youth volleyball club.

Webmaster. Graphic Designer. Research Strategist. Data Analyst.

DANIEL LINCOLN NOLTING is an artist, author, musician, web-designer, database administrator and librarian. He has been working with abstract data and visual observations his whole life. During and after graduate studies in art at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NYC, he was influenced by what he has seen in galleries, the streets, museums and libraries. Working in libraries and museums before and during finishing his 2nd Masters (in Library and Information Science), he found himself at the Museum of Modern Art for 6 years, before moving on to the libraries of the National Gallery of Art in DC, University of Pittsburgh, Yale University and Chatham University. He is currently working in watercolor, woodcut, and mixed-media. Learn more about him at dnolting.com